Fix typo

Chat Redesign: avoid breakage produced by veeeeeeery long words by breaking them using the 'word-break' css property

Chat Redesign: revert setting automatically the focus on the input field after 'Full screen' switch, as it produces the not so nice effect on mobile devices of triggering the on-screen keyboard

Chat Redesign: add a fixed height to the 'xowiki-chat-messages-and-form' element on small widths, to make room for the user list and the input field.

Converge styling of chat in a single css file for both xowiki and chat packages

This might fork in the future, but there is no need atm

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Switch to a non-nsv approach to determine the right chat class

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Unclutter the code by putting mode detection in a separate proc

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Chat Redesign: restore focus on input field after 'Full screen' switch

Add leftover file

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Chat reform:

- reduce code duplication by determining the proper chat class dynamically and storing it in an nsv

- move static content in the resources path. Serving them is now independent from the mounted xowiki path

- get rid of the ajax url path

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Chat Redesign: simplify style of 'Full Screen' icon

Chat Redesign: simplify send icon svg and styles associated

Chat Redesign: add send button + svg icon

Allow to make other (non .adp) kinds of resources "theme aware" and use this to provide a theme mapping to the /resources/ URL pattern, then use this new capability to allow the override of css in the chat implementations

Chat Redesign: make 'Full screen' images color filling easy to change in css

Give xowiki chat also some kind of nice skin and centralize css retrieval

TODO: something smarter can be done in order to retrieve the proper css, based e.g. on theme, chat skin (to be implemented) etc. To be discussed is some way to resolve resources based on the theme.

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New chat_room includelet, behaving as the existing chat one, but plugged with extra chat package's feature (transcript management...)

To avoid package_id to be overridden, we force it always to the one of the current chat

Move chat machinery from xotcl-core to xowiki

Rationale: this feature makes little sense without the front-end xowiki provides and makes chat implementation harder to understand, as components are scattered in different packages.

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Add package_id to the parameters for the already-available chat includelet

regenerated configure script

improve handling of HAVE_INTTYPES_H under windows

make sure, macros HAVE_INTPTR_T and HAVE_UINTPTR_T are set (should probably upgrade to newer TEA version)

fix typo

guard definition of PRIxPTR by HAVE_INTTYPES_H and not by HAVE_STDINT_H

use "partition_name" rather than "partions_name" as variable name

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

whitespace changes

improve robustness of API browser when trying to browse non-existing objects

improve robustness of API browser when trying to browse non-existing objects

improve robustness of API browser when trying to browse non-existing objects

improve type cleanness