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Prepend source URL to the one of the news item in case this is not an absolute URL

Fix typo

fix name of called proc, add warnings to raise awareness

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close potential return vector via "data:*" URLs

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Use current HTTP api

Leave xml in its original state and rely on tDOM parser to do the right thing (fixes vanilla tests, keeps working downstream)

Keep test feed in its raw encoding

improve spelling and deactivate changes that were probably needed only for Firefox 2

whitespace changes, including breaking overlong lines

whitespace and quoting changes

whitespace changes

avoid double substitutions

avoid double substitutions

whitespace cleanup

avoid double substitution

do not add __csrf_token to sort order url

Avoid double flagging for non-optional values having "notnull" specified.

Previously, there was a complaint from "notnull" and one from "not optional"

Remove spaces after complaints at load time

Move xowiki tests in the xowiki package

Assume email is verified for this test

Fix automated test on the site node non-xotcl api when one sets the subsite to require email verification

Follow redirect to handle the vanilla dotlrn use case

Confirm email to handle cases where this is required

Move email confirmation test in a proc, as some tests need to reuse this when we are configured to require verification

Log at each redirect

Add tested urls and procs to definition

mark argument explicitly as required, add default for cascade_p

Do not abort when returning a message

Add test to check whether email confirmation works and behavior fits subsite configuration

group::member_p: add warnings, when group name resoling failed instead of silently returning 0

group::member_p_not_cached: remove misleading defaults