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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Specify an explicit format that clock scan can recognize, otherwise results will be unexpected (port from downstream)

Use provided email only when a party exists, in all other cases keep the previous behavior (fixes automated tests)

Fix regression on enabling/disabling locales

Use a german gender-neutral wording for "members"

make object adressing more consistent

fix typo

improve spelling

replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

template::reset_request_vars must be executed for all requests in the cleanup

this is already happening via "ns_ictl trace freeconn", but we keep

for the time being this as a reminder, when merging with different versions, etc.

don't hardcode /tmp/

simplify file delivery modes

don't start accidentially thread via monitoring

improve spelling

replace deprecated function ad_var_type_check_number_p which was used improperly

replace deprecated functions ad_var_type_check_integerlist_p and ad_var_type_check_number_p

replace deprecated ad_var_type_check_number_p by "string is double -strict "

Mark value checking functions from before ad_page_contract as deprecated

(see also issue #3407)

A 16 years old comment says:

This is some old security crud from before we had ad_page_contract










fix seplling errors

fix spelling errors

whitespace changes

avoid usage of ad_var_type_check_integer_p

(use Tcl idiom "string is integer -strict" instead)

fix typos in message catalog and bump version number to force reload

whitespace changes

avoid usage of ad_var_type_check_integer_p

Use a HTML-quote safe idiom to indent categories in the widget

improve documentation and make clear that strong dependency

of request monitor on bgdelivery does not exist anymore

use ns_asynclogfile instead of bgdelivery when available

added ns_asynclogfile to icanuse features

document optional channel closing during subscribe operations

output warnings when workflow constructs are created shadowing potentially global commands

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