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Send notifications in the name of the owner with a reply-to of the mailer

- Send notifications in the name of the owner with a reply address of the mailer.

- Added update all RDF logs.

Initial revision

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Update 2003-02-11

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- Added update all RDF logs.

Update 2003-02-11

file upgrade-4.6-4.6.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

1. Fixed a couple of typos in file storage

2. New fast permissions stuff (PG only thus far)

2. While poking around CMS code looking for things that needed recreating

due to the permissions upgrade, changed over to "create or replace function"

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changing Oracle version of xql files to be 8.1.6 so that the query dispatcher will accept them. Truncating test notes if they are too long for the column in db. Removing inline query in tcl file

Added check for table name longer than 25 chars, because that caused me significant pain to track this problem down.

- Removed all namespace references from the resulting HTML. This previously caused a problem for Opera (7).

- Added an update feature to the admin page.

- Removed an extraneous .xql file from /www/admin.

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Adding new mime-types, which I forgot to add back when I added the new richtext widget. Jeff will probably go in and rename them something else for me, and hopefully he'll propagate the change to the richtext widget and acs-tcl/tcl/text-html-procs as well.

Added coloring to alternate rows.

- Break the description of long hyper links in chunks of 50 characters as not to interfere with the page layout.

- Flush the ETP page whenever the log is updated so that the displayed ETP page is always current.

removing xql files for navigation-procs.tcl that I forgot to remove when merging caching of context bar from 4-6 to trunk

added a check that Tcl callback procs specified in the APM UI have correct argument lists

Renamed primary key constraint on survey_responses from srvsimp_resp_response_id_pk to survey_resp_respose_id_pk to resolve a conflict with the constraint name in simple-survey.

Changed name of constraint from srvsimp_responses_resp_id_pk to

survey_responses_resp_id_pk. This will only cause an error if you install

simple survey and survey at the same time.

merging fixing and caching of context bar logic that was committed on 4.6 branch (versions 1.7 to onto trunk

the upgrade to acs-lang 4.7d5 would break if server already had swedish locale, added check to fix that

upgrade of acs-lang 4.7d4-4.7d5 adding locales from the translation server

move peters host_node_map caching to 4.6 bug 208

put error lines into the error log since for some reason they are not displayed on install

peter neglected to fix the query name in the .xql file for the host-node_id map query

closing bug #208 caching lookup of host_node_map. My experiments with host node map suggest that it's not overly useful (a lot of broken links). At least now this feature doesn't add overhead to each request.

util_memoizing the proc general_comments_package_url to avoid a somewhat expensive query every time a comment url should be produced. Right now the cache isn't flushed if general comments is moved in the site map. However, we could add a before-unmount callback to flush the cache.

Change version to 1.2