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error in foreach change assessment_id by id

extended the name resolver to let people produce anchors to images (uploaded with [[image:dotlrn.gif]]) by

using [[file:dotlrn.gif]]

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Fix display of file upload (remove list curly braces).

Add new procs to make creation of assessment form processing simpler.

Add view to multirow so a link to file-upload results will work.

Some changes to show the project in a compoaint

I hate it if a customer cannot send me UTF8. Though this is now a good example that you can actually use iso templates

new messages

We should probably write an ooconversion package, but instead it is just in contacts. Added two new methods for conversion. Especially the cognovis version is fun :)

Removed the early redirection

Delete a user if he is deleted in contacts

A couple of minor fixes

Fix #2816

require same-site links to start with // to a void problems, when subfolders are added to xowiki

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treat page names starting with a / in wiki links (between [[...]]) like external links. This has the consequence that page names in xowiki are not allowed to start with a "/" (seems anyhow a good idea)

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fix deletion of live revision and latest revision

Changed the converter to make use of jooconvert instead of OpenOffice printing

changed default policy to require same permissions for view page and download file/image to address


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fix problem with treeview helper proc, there was a problem with dynamically generated nodes

more dojo sources

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commit dojo sources

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commit dojo widgets

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commit dojo widgets

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Add avnik Avni Khatri as a committer.

fix for bug in notification for page instances...

Fixed a minor error

made sure assessment is sane in its demands for acs-templating

Dont join the pdf if there is one document only

fixed the credit infor problems

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commit 2nd batch dojo files

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commit first batch of dojo files

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