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solve bug when the user back and not allow

Missing files and cleanup

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Added populate buttons

Some more cleanup on the import_oo_pdf function

Added yet another remote converter. It is getting time to branch the OpenOffice functions to another package

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Added include (or at least tried to add the include)

Update version

fix statistics in who's online

beautifying output

give more orthogonal 10min /per day statistics

make check for bgdelivery independent of active connection (we don't have one during startup)

return useful results even when bgdelivery is not activated

Adding Christian Brechbuhler to cvs committers

Accept patch#812 from Christian Brechbuehler for bug#3045

Fix bug#3046, remove unused code, intermedia-driver only works with

the new callback based search.

file diff.adp was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:25 +0000

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provide the right modification date at the right entry

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allow diff between subsequent versions

Add popup so you can see what you are deleting

1. Moved some images to resources/images where they belong (so they won't

be served by the request processor and subjected to perm checks).

2. Removed gifs. "live.gif" and "golive.gif" weren't used any more (probably

because images with embedded english words are forbidden). The file and

folder icons are now grabbed from the file storage package.

3. Changed the files referencing the old directories.

There are a ton of images in the delivery engine. Rather than move them

to a standard place, this package may want to implement a custom filter

to deliver them before the request processor gets ahold of them. Assuming

people want LORS course delivery to scale well ...

  1. … 65 more files in changeset.
fix for bug #3035

Added moving of projects

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Added a friendly user message if the e-mail already exists upon signup

Add Progress Bar message key

Added the total hours spend so far

Made sure changing the project actually works

It is bad that manage memberships does not use listbuilder in the first place, so I made at least sure that it uses the listbuilder classes so the design is identical

This package requires acs-datetime but did not have a dependency for it.

A standard dotlrn install includes acs-datetime, however a partial intall

exposes the problem.

Changes in simulation:

* Added a couple of missing message keys

* Changed messages to show modified names of portfolio items instead of original names

* Made simulation home page show a link to notifications

preserves the old revision_id during save when -live_p is false