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clean up docs

add etp docs

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add documentation

bug fix: forgot to use adp var syntax during refectoring when using local multirow that I introduced to resue a query across to procedures. Would have been caught had I run the unit tests...

Make it not part of initial install.

Implemented Tilmann's suggestion of cancel_url/cancel_label switches to form create, so the form builder can handle the cancel button for you.

fixing misnamed bind variable name in insert statement for lang_message_audit

Added -entire_form switch to export_vars.

Default vars to the empty list.

Updated documentation.

fix copied surveys to be disabled by default

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add missing query for postgresql

Added acs-kernel dependancy for proper loading order. (At the request of pluto@objectrealms.net)

Removed duplicate query declaration.

Removed duplicate function declaration.

changed the message to warn people that this might really take a long time, to avoid them interrupting it

Added emoticons, bumped up version number to 0.4 (to be merged with 0.3d from oacs-4-6 later) so that the new parameter gets recognised.

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Date/time/number localization that was forgotten to carry over to postgresql, fixes message posting on pg

add 4.6 links

Applied Tom Jackson's patch to host node map

download should depend on acs-mail 4.6 (not 4.6.1). Thanks cro

applied patch supplied by Ola Hansson which fixes the drop commands to support both the 7.2 and the 7.3 syntax

Removed dublicate declaration of content_module__new (varchar,varchar,integer,integer,integer)

applied patch #41 by Mark Aufflick that adds a -separator switch to ad_context_bar

Fixed links to openacs.org sites so they're right after revamp of the site.

Fixed links to openacs.org sites so they're right after revamp of the site.

Thanks to Gil Price: Package_id wasn't getting passed to lars_blog_header_background_color.

-Hide notifications and general comments links if notifications/general comments aren't mounted.

- Clean up admin index page.

- Make RSS link fully qualified, including host name, and make RSS link off by default.

If the notifications package isn't mounted, don't display the link

- Fixed bugs in backup-script

- Fixed admin spam code. Bumped and regenerated .info file

- Changed user_id_list to a FORM var

- Really honor no-spam user preference

- separated users_to_spam query from display query

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