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remove the ability to reset the password by any user and add recover the password by using a token



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The ordering did not match with the labels.

The catch does not seem to work the way I envisioned it...

Support for external SMTP Servers. Initial preparations to have complex_send store emails and fire them off later with complex_send_immediately

Loop through authorities and check username and email for HTTP auth. If

someone has a better idea, let me know.

Update file/image attachment widgets.

Add dynamic filtering for applications

Update HTML notifications to match text one.

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Notifications formatting. Send news item content in notification.

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Change news formatting.

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remove server name in base tag, use of absolute path

Put the weblog name at the top

absolute path for 'action' in forms. Because of probles with 'base' tag

Made larsblogger use HTML notifications

bug selecting active role, solved

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Add new message keys for image/file attachments.

Add new message keys

Add upgrades for as_item_data.as_item_id index.

Add index to as_item_data.as_item_id to allow lookups of assessment

data by "question".

Minor bugfixes

Got rid of the storing of the RSS feeds in the file directory as this is overkill (can be generated on the fly) *and* faces limits on the file system (especially if you have more than 32000 news feeds in your system

Made sure that forum notifications go through by adding quotes around the domain so sendmessage cannot complain anymore. Just to be on the safe side did this for Names of users as well in complex_send. Last but not least changed complex send to only overwrite the from_string if we actually find a party_id

Support for complex_send in notifications

Mime encoded subject and added option to use remote SMTP Servers with login

prevent caching if some other package does multiple includes of different pages from the same xowiki package

fix for the bug with tcl 8.5 mentioned in http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=487196

allow deactivation of xowiki css inclusion

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allow parameter template_file in <include ....> (when xowiki pages are included in different places)

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Remove commented out SQL with explicit Tcl variables in it. The

variables ended up uncommented in the resulting query, causing a

synxtax error. The rest of the SQL that was not commented works fine.

Fix shell to work with pasted code from tcl files by mapping wrapped

line endings (\ \r \n) to a space.