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- improve safety of page contracts

- replace (probably incorrect) query based on acs_object.tree_sortkey by a (probably sufficiently correct) recursive query based on cr_items (parent_ids)

- mark broken (and unused except from package "cms") function content::get_folder_labels as deprecated

- remove (broken) xql query for function that does not exist

- remove obsolete functions

- message catalog for russian (contributed by v.v.; see issue #3252)

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- improve validity of HTML

- message catalog for russian (contributed by v.v.; see issue #3253)

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- message catalog for russian (contributed by v.v.; see issue #3254)

- ensure quoting in urls

- fix for bug #3255

- harden page contract

- provide link for deprecated functions

- harden page contracts

- return error when invalid mode was specified

porting performance improvement on tags related query from oacs-5-8.

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Joining explicitly xowiki_tags table with xowiki_pagei so that query planner can react better, improving query execution time from mins to ms.

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- remove deprecated calls to cr::keyword::get_keyword_id,

cr::keyword::new, and cr::keyword::set_heading

- harden page-contract (backport from HEAD)

- harden page contract

- remove calls to deprecated function cr::keyword::item_get_assigned

- harden page-contracts against injections

- update version dependeny for acs-tcl

- bump version number

- bump version number to 5.8.3d3

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- rename "wordplus" by "token"

- rename "wordplus" by "token"

- add "word" and "wordplus" for page contract filters to improve security

- use plain characters in for page contract filter names

- add word+ page contract

- fix typo

- harden page contract

- add page contract filter for words

- improve message keys