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cleaned up files: updated require sections, removed references to arsdigita and openforce, and replaced out-of-date owner info. Most of these edits were done by hand due to bug 1106; I tried to do the same things the APM would do (remove file sections, etc) and updating the release date to today

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Do not fail the change password operation if we could not send out the email notification

Use new site_node::get_package_url which doesn't break if a package is mounted multiple times

Added proc site_node::get_package_url which gets the URL for a package from the package_key, and does not break if the package happens to be mounted in multiple places

check if we are permissioning for the package rather than a particular forums bug 1116

more noquote fixes

fix context bar

more noquote

updated all to 5.0.0a5, cleaned up require sections that listed multiple versions, and updated package owner info

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fixed applications link

typo in ns_log command

dont bind sql in ds_collect_db_call if errno nonzero since it messes up the traceback sometimes

Fixed bug #1108: member add pages do not do correct security checks


Added API to get info about an object type

setting default_value for acs_attributes

fix eval of context to avoid potential function evaluation

Removed noquote in if tag

Fixed security hole: You could pass in the name of an orderby which included [...], and it would get executed in the page's nameapace

more templating

Add index.vuh so GET works with plain old URL file-storage/folder/filename.ext

file index.vuh was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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Fix content_item__move error and bug in content-image.sql.

more noquote stuff

more noquote

rename formbuilder::edit to edit since trying to upvar


dies since namespace doesn't exist. bug 1066 patch 349

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Added fs::add_file tcl proc to more easily implement webdav support. Added

upgrade callback.

Adding install callbacks for webdav support

file file-storage-dav-install-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file file-storage-dav-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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