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file send-email.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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moved send-email to acs-admin/www, fixed link in member-state-change.adp

moving send-email to acs-subsite

fixes the private proc rp_path_prefixes so foo.vuh works properly bug 23/patch 5 Tilmann Singer

unique is oracle specific bug 43/patch 9 Tilmann Singer

small typo spurious > in radio/checkbox widget with no label

align right for ok/cancel buttons meant that with a wide form the buttons were of the right side of the screen. (bug tracker with a wide preformatted text desc) bug 45

remove table-layout: fixed since it seems to be causing some browsers to clip form table elements

standard-lars removed align=right from buttons, standard is really standard-lars + tweaks by davb

I18N: adding overlooked untranslated text that Tilman found

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Fixed errors in hidden fields that caused the form to not process.

Added a template::form::get_error function that returns an "array get" version of the errors on the form. It's mostly a convenient proc for debugging forms that don't work as expected due to the common situation where some hidden form element contains errors that cause the form to not process.

A semicolon had sneaked its way into the automated tests query.

I18N: removing message key for a url that was mistakenly added for dotlrn register links

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trim multiple leading Re: from subject bug 1888

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nbsp for empty last post since nn4 is moronic bug 1923

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add redirect to manage as index page bug 1951

file index.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

fixes bug 1921, input validation on message edit

Removed a couple  's between day number and plus

Made the add item template display a small + sign instead, and gave it a title tag

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I18N: localizing the role pretty name (I know it's ugly to escape to TCL here, we should have an adp syntax for this)

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- Added note about ad_form to the templating system's form processing


- Added a note for the include-output tag to the include-optional tag


- Added documentation for include-optional tag.

- Added clarification about usage of include with pages vs page fragments.

We should think about having a lib/ directory for page fragments and such,

leaving www/ solely for pages.

- Removed reference to templating@arsdigita.com

add friendly 404 page with search form

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include tag src attribute should omit .adp bug 37

Made the Action options slightly more clear.

- Removed Jeff from tree-wide commit privs

- Gave bartt privs to openacs.org-dev