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Peter: adding the localize switch to parameter::get that will replace any #message_key# occurencies in the parameter value with the corresponding messages from the message catalog using the locale of the request

Peter: adding the -localize switch to ad_parameter

Peter: creating an instance of acs-lang and mounting it under the main site at server creation (along with acs-admin et al)

adding file

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Collaboraid: adding namespaces to the TCL API, adding new procedures for extracting keys from adp pages and parsing keys embedded in text, adding a translation web UI that was used at Greenpeace (at www/admin) and making it work with PostgreSQL, moving the old pages under www to be under www/admin/test, making the lang_messages table use locale rather than language, added upgrade scripts

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merge fix from head

add path_info to list of ad_conn variables


- Converted inneficient query to INNER JOINs.

- Added Oracle upgrade script.

-fixed create calendar if user does not have personal private calendar

-added query file for above query

-fixed redirect user to login if necessary

file index.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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fix links to Philip books

- fix: query looked for any perm with calendar, requires entire view scan

fix some spelling errors

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use perm API to create administractor. Unpleasant hack to avoid util_memoize_flush though

be helpful about procedure docs for non ad_proc procs

pad to avoid IE friendly error messages bug 924/patch 475

remove unused files

remove unused default-master

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avoid lots of missing FROM-clause messages bug 1550/patch 262 Carsten Clasohm

fix cvs id string

undeclared variable in trigger bug 1769/patch 467 Dave Bauer

add a caution to about rp_internal_redirect

only drop __test__ if it exists bug 1770/patch 471 Bart Teeuwisse

merge fix from 4-6 branch

tone down QD messages bug 1772/patch 473 Bart Teeuwisse

initialize uninstalled list bug 1773/patch 474 Bart Teeuwisse

Get rid of qmail specific calls for sending mail. Replaced with acs_mail_lite

calls, the way they should be.

Figuring out how the documentation tags work. More cleanup should follow.

Removed empty first line which tripped XML parser.