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Merged changes from oacs-4-6, release 1.2 to

Added focus on summary field

Fixed bug #8: default patch component to bug's component when following link from bug page

Merged in changes from oacs-4-6 branch: .hover in stylesheet

Merged in changes on HEAD: Fix for bug #33: Always show new bug, new patch links

Removed template::, use -cancel_url

Fixed bug #115: search... doesn't work

Use -cancel_url

Merged in change from 1.4 to to trunk

Cleaned up bug.tcl page, now using new form builder enhancements

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Changes to how buttons work: Form-builder now takes care of determining which buttons to use, not the template; Added actions functionality to form builder

modified case tag to allow <case in foo bar baz> and <case value=foo> forms.

fix link to view icon

fix link to "view" icon

removing the Admin link from the navbar as there are no admin pages yet (broken link)

trivial fix: edit link on book-view page was broken as book number didn't get exported properly

remove registration requirement from download-verify.tcl

The target for the AOLserver API search form was wrong, should be tcl-proc-view.tcl

added template tags switch, case, and default to create a switch statement for use in openacs templates

Removed acs-workflow from acs-install.sql script

Removed non-sensical '-debug t' switches that have defeated the purpose of a parameter setting and changed an error message, fixes Bug #130 entered by Vinod.

- Added support for -section for ad_form.

- Added support for Lars' latest form builder additions to ad_form.

modified ad_form to set form vars from edit_request block

Misspelled "schema-browser"

updating the instructions for replacing texts with variables with message lookups, adding note about translating phrases rather than words

Adding a sort filter to the thread listing page so that you can easily discover threads with new postings (sort by first or last post)

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removing the post new thread link on the page for viewing one thread (message) as people mistakenly start new threads with it (at least I do). Decreasing step size of indentation from 3 to 1 as was done on the 4-6 branch

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the body format should have a default selection when posting to forums

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message lookups in Tcl files should not be quoted with curly braces

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adding the workflow package that is to superseede the old acs-workflow package

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