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Latest version ... but moving to workflow package

Changed browse tcl doc link from dev.scriptics.com to tcl.tk

Use new interval prettify proc from util

Added proc for prettifying intervals in Tcl

Fixed a typo

Fixing #1071: Added a noquote tag to the description parameter, so that HTML is allowed in the verbose description of a calendar item

correcting messages

adding the tclwebtest_scripts parameter that allows you to run additional tclwebtest scripts

rolled back to version 1.12

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    • +16
fixing the regexp checking for failed acs-automated-install

    • -1
    • +1
bug fix in crawler

    • -5
    • +15
sync html to docbook

sync html to docbook

  1. … 96 more files in changeset.
adding a delay after OpenACS install and server restart because nsunix seems to be triggering an additional restart that we then need to wait for

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    • +16
adding file

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    • +28
Switch to DocBook 4.2

Add a lint target in Makefile which uses xmllint to validate source.

Add index generation to fo.xsl and openacs.xsl.

fix messed up use of literallayout.

Fix xrefs in permissions-tediously-explained.xml

Repair authorblurb which I broke.

Switch some tables w/o titles to informaltable

fix rollback-database xref.

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changed loop to use more config variables

added comments, revised server waits into loops, outputting xml file

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    • +240
added non-db success test file

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added non-db success test file

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debugging the crawler and adding ability to exclude links

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    • +64
debugging the crawler and adding an exclude list for delete links


No change from, but I forgot to comment last time: fixed publish_versioned_object_to_file_system.select_file_name query (used for file based CR fs)

oops - accidentally commited site specific code in the last commit. This one reverts to the code of version 1.33 (I don't think there is any way to reverse a cvs commit?)

*** empty log message ***

accidentally used a dotlrn proc outside of dotlrn - fixing

Added more detailed error log messages when an APM file is invalid

Fixed bug #906: trim email (and username)

Fixed bug #1021: Clarified example