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Made sure the content package has the new procedures as well

Missing upgrade scripts

Got rid of reliance on Java for Oracle. Removed unused old functions. Hopefully someone else can help with a fresh install test as well

Made sure we are 'only' running into a problem with throttle do eval. Need Gustafs help here

Added callback for parameter change

Get rid of the postgres warning "adding missing FROM-clause entry " on sequences

Make "db_nextval acs_object_id_seq" more than twice as fast (from 948 microseconds to 378 microseconds)

Added proxy procs. Need to think about renaming exec aso at a later stage

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Added some debugging code. Made sure we are not exceeding our response reason

Improve aa regression test results when XOTcl is loaded (add warn_p to doc API);

Provide default values from function args, when provided (it improves API documentation

and fixes a bug in e.g. acs_attribute__create_attribute(), which does not provide a default

value for 'storage' as documented, when NULL is provided;

Resolve cyclic dependencies for ::xo::db::Attribute;

Use column_name for attribute creation.

fix regression test in cases it fails

fix compatibility with new oacs-properties (HEAD, not HEADER_STUFF).

fix octal numbers messages with javascript from newer FF (month 09 is not valid)

move malte's initialization of counters to a place, where it is safe

close file that malte's initialzation did not close

deactivate initialization of counters for the time being, since it makes display very slow, some graphs are drawn as 3 mm thick lines

Fixing problem with missing widget

Update to documentation of the throttler class with a link to Thread management, as this was missing and caused me quite some search time

adding missing function args, fixing incorrect function args, including upgrade script

adding upgrade script

Fix incorrect function args

commit template::head and the needed modifications in the master templates to make it work to CVS HEAD

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Fix return_url, you can't redirect to view the session you just deleted!

removed background color from xowiki-content

file sessions.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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Fix upgrade to work with correct constraint names

doing the case logic outside where_clause as this case syntax is only for postgresql

Fix query problem in oracle

modified where true with where 1=1 in oracle and create distinct files for both dbs

add "-locale" option to weblog to allow e.g. multi-lingual announcements ...

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Add on delete cascade on as_session_items mapping table.

one more catalog file

fix adding of xowiki portlet to dotlrn, bump version number to update message catalog

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upgrading to wymeditor 0.4

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Fix bug introduced when custom code was committed. Remove reference to non-existant procedure. Remove reference to views package procedure.