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Allow editing of CSS files if running 5.4 with template::head support

make handling of unknown file types more robust

Set default order for class members

Fix commented out title, with title in the html comment, occaisionally a

user would type "--" in the title causing the page to break because the

comment was not parsed correctly.

Solved bug in function switch

use tcl 8.4 comparison operators and braced exprs for byte code compilation

use tcl 8.4 style comparisons and braced exprs

Free generation of stub objects for accessing stored procedures from db_function args.

The new version uses PostgresSQLs system catalog + parses first paragraph of function declarations

eCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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    • +236
new update script in case, someone managed to get the .info file without the update script

add update script

add missing alias for function category__name

fix more function_args, fix comment for default values in stored procedures

provide default for pretty_name in ::xo::db::Class

Made class_to_object_type more robust to allow ::xo::db::Class instances with arbitrary superclasses

move ::xowiki::Page requireCSS and friends into ::xo namespace

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    • +1
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    • +2
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    • +1
    • -26
    • +3
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    • +1
replicate Emma's referer fix on HEAD

fix ordering in weblog query

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    • +3
bump version number to assure versions are in sync

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    • +3
turn on page fragment caching for categories-recent

Page Fragment Cache for ::xowiki::portet classes

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    • +12
    • -2
    • +18
beautification of SQL query

make usage of new parameter code explicit

make code more robust when run under scheduled procs

guard call to initialize_loaded_object in instantiate_objects for plain xotcl objects, not having this method

prevent double sourcing by the apm_loader

don't return all revisions when using automatic views

Fix problem with Daylight Saving Time when creating recurring

events. This works fine in Oracle because the timestamps don't have

timezones. In Postgresql when calculating the interval between events

for recurring events, we need to ignore the timezone to get the

correct result when the event crosses the Daylight Saving Time boundar.

add definition of new parameters in sample code

add datatype string

allow to specify constraint values (just a stub for now)