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Fixed pools-init to work with AOLserver 4.0

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    • +45
use strpos for searching a string in a variable in postgres

bumping version numbers to be able to base other version on latest refactoring

    • -3
    • +3
undo escaped changes

ensure that charset is always included in content type for text/* media types.

xotcl-core support for file-level dependencies

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    • +101
minor editing differences

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    • +3
move return_page and reply_to_user to general package definition to make it resuable in other packages,

provide to Package methods "invoke" and "error_msg" optional non positional arguments to control the

behavior in error cases better, especially when xowiki pages are included

    • -54
    • +10
strip spaces from package parameter top_portlet to avoid surprises on includelet interpretation

handle null values in defaults

Remove broken callback code which causes reply by email to not

work. message::new is called in a scheduled_proc, you can't use

ad_conn. Taking out new feature specific to project manager that

breaks existing feature.

Hide hidden columns in CSV output.

extend xotcl-core regression test: add checks for serializer

minor refactoring and cleanup

make variable naming more consistent (statusCode -> status_code), export received content-length into instance variable

Merged oacs-5-3 to HEAD

Merged oacs-5-3 branch to HEAD

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fix cvs IDs

minor cleanip (cvs id, comparisons)

use tcl 8.4 style comparison operators

fixes for all cases, where ::template::head::* variables (a) might survive a connection and (b) where they are not

initialized properly.

adding support for Xinha to new master templates

fix 2 bugs: (a) ::template::head::scripts variable was accumulating content over multiple requests (namespaced variables are not reset)

(b) order of list elements in ::template::head::scripts was incorrect (why not using objects?)

adding https support, adding some documentation

Update to reflect the need for template::head

Allow editing of CSS files if running 5.4 with template::head support

make handling of unknown file types more robust

Set default order for class members

Fix commented out title, with title in the html comment, occaisionally a

user would type "--" in the title causing the page to break because the

comment was not parsed correctly.

Solved bug in function switch