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- fix urlencode bug.

- note hardcoding of prev_ next_ links page as directory, not good

-- fix attribute order

-- add context_id as on_which_calendar (id)

-fix urlencode bug

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Bug fixes.

looks like lars missed removing the @only_authorized_p@ bit in the adp which only showed up listing > 30 users. Should use the Larsian user search widget here

add context

typo in query name, default to disallow mail

change return for unconfigured download module to 200 rather than

500 since with IE "smart" errors you only see an error page.

Spotted by CROldham

Sloan changes:

* added reference to RegisterRestrictToSSLFilters for RestrictToSSL param

* add ? to redirect in login-expired (to get through badly configured

proxies I assume)

* trims on args to basic-info-update, stub for url

* redirect on community-member page if CommunityMemberURL has

be changed in the subsite.

designate some procs as public

add support for class name rather than color for table banding

use the new permission procs rather than the old deprecated ones

adds cached permission_p code


Check RegisterRestrictToSSLFilters kernel parameter to determine

whether or not to check/register ssl redirect filters on each package.

Needed for sites like sloan where they have 9000+ nodes.

Adds parameters for scalability (RegisterRestrictToSSLFilters

and PermissionCacheP). with corresponding changes in acs-tcl

(acs-permission-procs.tcl and admin-init.tcl)

typo in fs_simple_object__name and comment for outstanding bug

sloan fixes.

verbose outgoing message with links back to forums and message

doubleclick check

dont display moderate link when not available.

default to users can create threads.

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Fixes from sloan

* Increase field sizes for subject

* adds a manage page

* adds a object_id redirect (object-goto.tcl)

* linking to manage page in outgoing message.

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cleanup to use sitewide master, use SearchIndexerInterval in -init.tcl

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Cleaned display of patch list

Fixed patch submission, thanks to Tracy spotting the bug.

Added submission instructions

Fixed missing trim around the component_id number.

fixed typo in requires statement for acs-events

fixes bug 1731/patch 442 Tilman Singer

Enable parameter::get to check the parameter file bug 1715/patch 427

fix inccorect ad_script_aborts

return after ad_return_template, context_bar after setting title bug 1728/patch 440 Brad Duell

fixed tree query in cms permissions - error left over from tree_sortkey change