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tone down QD messages bug 1772/patch 473 Bart Teeuwisse

initialize uninstalled list bug 1773/patch 474 Bart Teeuwisse

Get rid of qmail specific calls for sending mail. Replaced with acs_mail_lite

calls, the way they should be.

Figuring out how the documentation tags work. More cleanup should follow.

Removed empty first line which tripped XML parser.

do not drop non-existent trigger

ad_returnredirect -> rp_internal_redirect where appropriate

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Fix ec_items_for_fulfillment_or_return to handle case when there are no items available for shipping

author, title swapped bug 1765/patch 463 Bart Teeuwisse

fix query bug 1760/patch 456 Tilmann Singer

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postgresql generally does not start until runlevel 3 so fixed doc inittab line

moved file static-pages-sc-procs-postgresql.xql to static-pages-sc-procs.xql since it was generic

file static-pages-sc-procs.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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warn if unable to lookup package_id

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spelling error in filename display-policy-toggle-orcale

file display-policy-toggle-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

ad_find_all_files was broken for files with spaces

not needed since we use api now

use permission api

use permission api rather than hit db directly

messed up parameter::get arg bug 1758/patch 455 CROldham

fixed a typo left from contacts package

merge lars fix to 4.6 branch

Fixed listitem examples so they actually say </listitem> at the closing end.

fix link to datasource doc

Delete objects before dropping object type.

PM: adding I18N requirements and developers guide documents. Those are drafts, revisions to follow shortly. Will add design doc soon

missing postgeresql query apm_package_instance_delete bug 1756/patch 453 Ken Mayer

min function feature 1757/patch 454 Ken Mayer

fixed the section for the public_url parameter