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Fixed bug #232, my last merge contained #...# instead of literal words

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Removed some postgresql-isms. SC drop is Still missing, and it will still fail because of child record problems in notifications.

Added missing drop script.

- Fixed small problem when looping over all RDF logs.

Added Envelope and Mail-Followup-To headers

Added a proc ad_http_cache_control that outputs No-Cache headers by default for all dynamic pages, and a kernel parameter to turn it off. Fixes bug #186.

Fixed problem with installing developer support causing subsequent packages to not load as per http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=78516

Added examples to db_exec_plsql and db_nextval's api-doc and changed proc_doc to ad_proc.

Added examples to db_exec_plsql and db_nextval's api-doc and changed proc_doc to ad_proc.

Making developer support show bind variable values in queries (only for PG) - thanks Lars. Adding a check in the -init.tcl file so that setup of nsv vars etc is only done once. The new APM will source -init.tcl files once per interpreter - we need to be wary of that.

further development of the workflow Tcl API. Added caching of the Tcl API on the workflow level. Port of datamodel to Oracle, some work remaining there. The package is not yet ready for initial release but will be in about 1-2 weeks.

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commit changes from Dons fixes for sweeper and Bart for From as sender and reply-to as notifications-blah

Fixed typo.

Replaced listings in <pre> tags with <ul><li> ... stuff which is better digestable by browsers and fixes bug #223, and removed empty link to old release notes

*** empty log message ***

*** empty log message ***

Send notifications in the name of the owner with a reply-to of the mailer

- Send notifications in the name of the owner with a reply address of the mailer.

- Added update all RDF logs.

Initial revision

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Update 2003-02-11

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- Added update all RDF logs.

Update 2003-02-11

file upgrade-4.6-4.6.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

1. Fixed a couple of typos in file storage

2. New fast permissions stuff (PG only thus far)

2. While poking around CMS code looking for things that needed recreating

due to the permissions upgrade, changed over to "create or replace function"

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changing Oracle version of xql files to be 8.1.6 so that the query dispatcher will accept them. Truncating test notes if they are too long for the column in db. Removing inline query in tcl file

Added check for table name longer than 25 chars, because that caused me significant pain to track this problem down.

- Removed all namespace references from the resulting HTML. This previously caused a problem for Opera (7).

- Added an update feature to the admin page.

- Removed an extraneous .xql file from /www/admin.

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Adding new mime-types, which I forgot to add back when I added the new richtext widget. Jeff will probably go in and rename them something else for me, and hopefully he'll propagate the change to the richtext widget and acs-tcl/tcl/text-html-procs as well.

Added coloring to alternate rows.