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Fixed a typo: message_key name lt_Are_you_sure_you_want_1 was misspelt and corrected to


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Really add the postgresql version of the folder delete query.

Add queries to delete folder contents.

Enable delete of folder contents along with folder.

Fix folder deleting. Add new message key for folder delete to reflect the

ability to delete everything in a folder now.

Fix PROPPATCH handling to call the oacs-dav default implementation.

Fix content_folder.rename.

file upgrade-5.1.0-5.1.1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

This fixes date arithmetic, "insert into ... select" column order mismatch,

and concatenation syntax error in acs-mail-lite. Bug 1719, patch 489. Gabriel Burca.

This fixes bookmarks, bug 337 patch 494 - Gabriel Burca

accidentally revoked andrewp's commit rights, adding them back

add commit for Gabriel Burca to apply patches, generally clean up some old entries where people had module perms + whole tree or should have whole tree anyway

Fixing many references to bcms-ui-base

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Remove old reference to bcms-ui-base package.

Adding xcms-ui package. CMS user interface built on BCMS Tcl API

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second occurance of bug 1738 version match on OS X problem

content_type__drop_type doesn't work on OS X (7.2 was matching sp[uriously) bug 1738 patch 498 Jarkko Laine

clipboard-view.tcl file has SQL with an ambiguous select statement bug 1788 patch 505 Ivan Histand

Fix typo: inivite to invite

Move task revisions to a separate page.

Fixes a potential serious bug that could occur when editing several

tasks at once. Occasionally, the tasks would trade item_ids!


wrong username for jose escodebo

add commit for assessment for eduardop perez per Malte's request, give Rocael commit on tree

export_vars -base instead of ?[export_vars]

fix typo not forums_forumss

Fix content_folder.rename to actually change the label or

description if that parameter is specified.

Improved the interface for editing tasks: you can now add a comment at

the same time as you edit a task. I backported the util::word_diff

proc to project manager. I use it to show the difference between old

and new descriptions of tasks. I'll also use it to show differences on

the revisions of tasks (not done yet). I backported it so that

project-manager won't require acs-kernel 5.2; later, we'll move to the

correct util::word_diff. There are certainly a few bugs in how

descriptions are displayed: I haven't got the mime-type settings right

yet, but it's close. The email notifications that go out are much more

informative now.

upgrade-1.2d1-1.2b2.sql should have been named upgrade-1.2d2-1.2b2.sql as it overlapped with the upgrade-1.2d1-1.2d2.sql script an so was not executed when upgrading from core 5.0.4

Put comments in separate header.