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Change the all_users to acs_users_all, bump version to 5.0.0b3, provide

upgrade script. fix where its used in logger, weblogger-portlet, and lars-blogger.

fixes bug 1174.

fix for bug 1185 Subsites can only be mounted directly under subsites patch by Barry Books

fix term-edit bug 1080 patch 358 Rodrigo Proenca (better than my original fix)

updates on catalog files

bug 1157 -- term-edit trainwreck variables not passed in

Jarrko's change pulled in a HEAD only change (subnavbar_link)

fix id for 100.20 inbound link

remove a rel constriant violation check that can never fire

Adds max_child_sortkey to acs_objects, uses select for update to incr

tree_sortkey (fixes concurrency problems and substantially improves

performance), drop group_elem_idx_container_idx (not useful) and

acs_objects_context_object_idx (which is superflous since there is an

identical unique constraint). changes acs_objects_get_tree_sortkey to

be isstrict/iscachable fixes a bug in acs_objects_context_id_up_tr on

both oracle an postgres.

See http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=142769 for discussion.

file upgrade-5.0.0b1-5.0.0b2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

added permissions graph

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Changed phrases with iconic photo to cover photo

Added noquote stuff to the plain form widget to fix #1183

Added a couple of noquotes to fix #1164

moving up the get_config_param command for oacs_branch in checkout.sh to be above the cd command as the config_file path was relative to current dir (.)

Added a couple of noquotes to fix #1164

Changed logging of failed test cases from Error to Bug. They're not errors in the sense that you want to be notified of them, since we already catch them in the automated testing framework. More specifically, it interfered badly with the new testcase that scans the server error log for errors

Added a test case that finds errors in the server error log

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Added noquote stuff to plain form widget to fix #1183

Took away phrases with 'iconic photo'

added mockups

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added script_path xml record

Moved fall-2003-extensions.html design document over from simulation package

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Latest version ... but moving to workflow package

Changed browse tcl doc link from dev.scriptics.com to tcl.tk

Use new interval prettify proc from util

Added proc for prettifying intervals in Tcl

Fixed a typo

Fixing #1071: Added a noquote tag to the description parameter, so that HTML is allowed in the verbose description of a calendar item

correcting messages