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Fixing version url value in the .info file, it was at an older version that could cause a constraint violation in an apm table when upgrading.

Fixed duplicate subject. Pointed out by Eduardo.

Added parameter normalize_system_to to calendar::item::get to solve #1711: Outlook Synch creates wrong item start/end time

Fixed #1711: Outlook Synch creates wrong item start/end time

For Outlook you need to convert from user's timezone to system's timezone. Outlook syncing works fine for me now. I'll have other people with reallifish configurations test it as well.

Apparently some logic error. Exists_and_not_null returns true if the file exists. A negation of this therefore returns true if the variable does not exists...

Added cron support for keepalive


Add expand / collapse all functionality for javascript bookmarks.

Need to escape \ in javascript literal.

fix from Sloan: if cms is installed but not mounted, a blank sweep interval will be used meaning no sweeps will occur, but this is not always correct. Add a default for this case

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More changes related to .LRN integration which ... now works at least to

the point of correctly rendering the .LRN Control Panel page!

Changes to make integration with .LRN (or other integrated apps) easier.

fix from Sloan: allow admin to restrict to registered users on a per-subsite basis

fix from Sloan: only show 'this is what we show other users' message to admins, which includes the user looking at their own portrait

fix from Sloan: don't allow admins to delete public folder in cloned classes/communities (it's already there for new ones)

Fixing bug '#19 Enable notifications on file upload'. Modified patch #534 to make it actually work on HEAD. Should work for Oracle as well but not tested on that db yet. This could do with some cleanup, and i18n-ization.

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Removing file-add-2 since it is unnecessary - file-add posts to itself now.

Removing file-add-2* since all is handled by file-add now.

Fixed minor bug in portal::new uncovered when integrating with .LRN

needed an upgrade script for previous change

file upgrade-2.0.3-2.0.4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

fix the static cvs-id tags

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forgot to rename the datamodel scripts to match package key

followup to previous commit, moving query to database specific files where it now belongs

Changed AOLserver 4 compilation instructions to specify that users should check out Tcl 8.4.6 rather than 8.4.5.

Changed AOLserver 4 compilation instructions to specify that users should check out nsoracle 2.7 (tag v2_7) rather than the HEAD version of nsoracle.

add xcms-ui module

reformat the whole section. no change in content

cols wrong in i18n overview table, put ulinks in footnotes for pdf

commited wrong fix. This one fixes Version Compatibility Matrix