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support Subresource Integrity (SRI) settings in template::head::add_css (crossorigin and integrity)

add csp rules for bootstrap style files

use URN version of jquery when available

bump verison number to 5.10.0d9

added: template::head::can_resolve_urn

Check permissions: chat_read always and chat_write whenever we post

Add URN-resover for add_body_script

Fix typo

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whitespace changes

extend regression test to cover webcallable funcitons

add comments to the web callable functions (at least the AJAX ones)

Just log the complaint instead of showing it to the user (script would keep going anyway, as it is not aborted). Needed for automated tests

Add doc

automated tests: fix broken argument in test case

- return results as dict

- make array argument optional

- improve documentation

Align XoWiki UI naming to that currently in xowiki.pretty_name

Mark flags as required

- fix file handling of SQL files

- add counting of blank lines

- add counting of comment lines

Trailing whitespace cleanup

whitespace changes

Let the teardown code take care of removing the site nodes (fixes tests on a vanilla core-only instance)

Unnest list idiom when we retrieve the url by package id in non-xotcl site node implementation (fixes tests on a vanilla instance with just the core packages)

undo previous change, problem was solved more generically in form-field-procs.tcl

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whitespace changes

improve indentation

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Fix behavior, in case a default value was provided for a checkbox part of a compound field.

When the user resets this default (i.e. clears the checkmark) no data is

transmitted from the browser, but the client side has to handle this. Such cases were

so far only handled so far outside of compound fields.

Example as give my Michael Aram (many thanks!):

# Class create mycompound -superclass CompoundField


# mycompound instproc initialize {} {

# if {${:__state} ne "after_specs"} return

# :create_components [subst {

# {start_on_publish {checkbox,default=t,options={YES t}}}

# {whatever {text}}

# }]

# set :__initialized 1

# }

Relax the test as some homepages might redirect to the login page and little assumptions can be made about the content (fixes vanilla dotlrn case)

Add doc to public procs (fixes automated tests)

Make tclwebtest procs private (fixes automated tests)

Whitespace cleanup