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Trailing whitespace cleanup

Take advantage of oldie utility template::util::list_to_multirow to refactor and simplify the code

Fix typo

Fix missing variable

Move away portraits created as children of the -100 object that might be still around after acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.10.0d13-5.10.0d14.sql

file upgrade-5.10.0d17-5.10.0d18.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Remove duplicate column

it seems, that "-ulevel" is used more often than "-level"

use "-level" instead of "-ulevel", since "-level" is used e.g. in

template::util::multirow_to_list or template::util::list_of_ns_sets_to_multirow

as well.

Added switch "-ulevel" to proc "util::var_subst_quotehtml";

ad_form: quote form field values in validation error messages to prevent XSS attacks

Quote form field values in validation error messages to prevent XSS attacks

Prettify code

Mode is in fact the value of the nsv

Force the encoding on the channel to utf-8 in every case (fixes umlaut characters when using ns_connchan backend)

fix issue #3392, improve testability via paramterization of clock value, add regression test, improve Tcl sanity

white space changes

Deprecate unamusing template::util::date::now_min_interval_plus_hour

Fix obvious bug; Note that the proc is still buggy, as it blindly incr's the hour value, even if it is 23 o'clock

Fix log warning message

Delete unneeded line

Use testing authority in auth_create_user test

improve protection against attacked cookies

Do not depend on dt_systime

Apparently, this makes xolp tests more robust with respect to issue discussed in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49031790/how-can-i-debug-a-tcl-8-6-error-in-clock-tcl#49033144

Add a quick run of the basic CRUD operations on ORM to avoid issues when e.g. no particular object member is explicitly supplied

Check for existance of :context_id

Make sure init test classes are named differently, or xowiki tests will interfere with xowf ones

Keep old behavior when we drill down to package

Extend UI allowing to select packages for which we want tests to be run

Add the option to unregister (delete permanently the message key from all locales) a message key that has been already marked as deleted. Useful for cleaning up old message keys

file message-unregister.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.