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make where in ::xo::db::sql optional

ensure to use function with highest number of arguments in sql stub building

make where in ::xo::db::sql optional

split include_portlet into two methods instantiate_portlet_object and render_portlet_object

to improve reusability

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Fix typo in upgrade apm-callback

turn off text checking in domNodeCmds

turn off text checking in domNodeCmds

Missed this in my upgrade

'annotate' was not a child of 'admin' - pffft!

get stable ordering when multiple functions with same number of arguments exist

Avail for byronl on packages dotlrn-content, content-portlet

Adding alias for packages: dotlrn-content and content-portlet

Initial import of dotlrn-content

Initial revision

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Initial import of content-portlet

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Initial revision

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fix typo

set always last_modified for default sorting in form-usages

uses braces for expressions, string operators for string comparisons

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use tcl 8.4 comparison operators

don't join on acs_objects if not needed

fix table references

allow passing of title text and detail_url to form page create as well

update parameter values when they are changed via parameter forms

don't crash, if no xinha is available (<if @::array.field@ not nil> does not seem to work)

allow passing of template_file to xowiki::From's create-new

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added new package parameter "request-blocking-off" to be able to deactivate request blocking

Fixed pools-init to work with AOLserver 4.0

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use strpos for searching a string in a variable in postgres

bumping version numbers to be able to base other version on latest refactoring

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undo escaped changes