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Added export of all pictures of an album

provide maintenance function to locate unmounted xowiki instances

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ease YUI management (version from yahooapis, ajaxhelper)

use fully qualified attributes names for join conditions

Making expanded state the default when showing threads ( js functionality ).

Fixing typo in lib/forums/forums-chunk.

Making "new tag" in portlet consistent with bold forum titels showed

in forums index.

provide context for easier setting of return-urls. There was a problem

with internal redirects, which can be fixed by providing "original_url_and_query"

in package initialize

removed unneeded margin-left, which was there most likely due to a browser bug

bump required number for xotcl-core

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- version 2.0 of dotlrn-xowiki applet

- compelete rewrite using generic database interface of xotcl-core.

- designed to work on postgres and oracle.

- oo-redisign: the dotlrn-xowiki applet is implemented as object, providing install and uninstall methods

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version 2.0 of xowiki-portlet

compelete rewrite using generic database interface of xotcl-core

oo-redisign: xowiki_portlet and xowiki_admin_portlet are objects, providing install and install methods

improved internationalization

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bump version number,

adjust calls to xowiki-portlet 2.0

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simplified content_category::new_subtree

eliminating custom Galileo code

fix in content-portlet alias

Removing html tags from message keys. Format should not happen here.

Rolling back permission fix

Rolling back changes to message keys, since those changes were not

HTML strict valid.

Changing <br> for <br /> in message keys.

experimental plugin link type (initial version by Nima)

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i18n stuff

Mostly i18n stuff for assessment

prototype page for printed documentation

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use page language for localizing a page

return date in connection locale

Fixing expand/collapse for messages, individual and global behavior.

Now the collpase.css and expand.css are no longer needed, just commentted

those additions.

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provide support for outputting toc in list style

fix coding issue when importing with translation binary

Added message to inform that portlet is shaded

Fix quoting of javascript.

Patch#857 from Åsmund Realfsen fixes bug#3122

Moved permissions check to tcl to improve query