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Made sure you can pass an empty string as default and it translates into translation missing. Thanks To Emma for noticing this

HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML cleanup

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Added missing key

HTML Strict cleanup

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Fix Bug #3126. lang::message::lookup was not adhering to a given default value but just returned the message key missing string, even if there was a default

1) Fix image handling. Accidentally commented out by a previous


2) Fix storage type handling. DO NOT SET storage type to empty string

which is always invalid. I have no idea why that was changed. There is

no reason to check the indbp parameter twice.

HTML Strict cleanup

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Added /favicon.ico to the magic list of URLs allowed when you restrict an

entire site to registered users.

HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

Removed Malte's "fix" to content-folder::new, and emmanuelle's fix to that

fix (which was fine), reverting to the 5.3 version because it wasn't broken

in the first place, and malte's attempt removed transaction protection

around the folder inserts (bad!) in order to avoid a pg-only deadlock in

PG 8.1 which doesn't happen in PG 8.2 or better.

Removed Malte's "fix" to content-folder new, and emmanuelle's fix to that fix

(which was fine), by rolling back to the 5.3 version (which wasn't broken in

the first place, PG 8.1 was)

Added missing trailing # of a message key

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upgrade script for 2.3.0->2.4 which is really a downgrade ; does the same as upgrade-5.0d4-5.0d5.sql

Cleaned up the install.xml stuff so it no longer puts random crap out in

the log written to the http socket.

Default to zen two-column layout in standard .lrn install.

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Added a new default_layout parameter to get rid of the hard-coded sloan

layouts used when a new page is added. Default value is the old hard-wired

one, but now our standard install.xml can set it to zen, and when someone

has time site theme switching can change it, too.

Added derickl ...

Added missing portal config keys

adding missing close statement

adding missing close statements

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bump package version from 5.0d6 to 5.0d7

upgrade scripts which is really a downgrade; does the same as upgrade-5.0d4-5.0d5.sql

Added order column to Zen stylesheets

Added column to links multirow to be able to order stylesheets

remove unneeded break, HTML cleanup

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