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Hide file-storage actions that are not allowed for the user. (receives analogous modifications on Learn@WU)

Use standard file-storage delete api, as extlink one seems to require extra sql stored procedures (which don't seem necessary to me)

As on Learn@WU, approve directly messages coming from admins, don't show messages about moderation when admins are posting

Replace innerHTML idiom with a more DOM compliant one, as IE would show undefined username otherwise.

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Fixed german message key

Updated de_DE translation (Dateisystem -> Dateiablage)

Updated es_ES message keys

Added missing message keys for en_US

add url in permission listings to point to the package url

remove hardcoded id

Don't abort script when people sends a message over a non-existing

chat, as this is required by the chat sweeper to happen.

Log errors when page cannot be found. Fix typo

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The dict returned from ns_parseurl does not always contain a "port" component

- fix broken call (ns_htmlencode must be ns_quotehtml)

- restrict input formats for date, such that underlying SQL functions are not overstressed.

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Use template::themed_template as well for .adp file served for the files in the www directory handled directly via the request processor

URL-encode folder path (util_current_directory) if used for an HTTP redirect (ad_returnredirect).

fix signature comparison for apm_callback_has_valid_args when nsf procs are used

Improve robustness of file operations against names starting with a "-"

tighten regexps for message keys

harden page contract

Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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make object creation explicit to avoid potential name clashes

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- new function to address problem in issue #3312: ad_urlencode_url.

This function can be passed a url with or without a location and makes

sure, that the folder_path is encoded correctly.

- use ad_urlencode_url as well in export_vars

New function ad_urlencode_folder_path to perform an urlencode operation on the segments of the provided folder path

- fix variable name in lmap statement

- push coockie encoding to emulation level (naviserver does this natively, the aolserver variant handles it no the low-level functions)

ease reading of debug messages; don't unset coockie(s) if there is no session cookie