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Remove Oracle incompatible code (as pointed out by regression tests)

Remove incompatible idiom from oracle's sql (as pointed out by regression tests)

Prevent errors in between of a release upgrade when system still has not render_widgets proc defined. Users should restart the server asap anyway.

add check before file moving to avoid violation of 'cr_items_unique_name' constraint

Fixed a seemingly 11 years old bug

Fixed message key typo

Adress issue #3327

Remove erroneous leading underscore (leftover from earlier convention)

Simplify code (use NaviServer internal function)

Remove duplicated line

Provide hint, when permission check fails

mark *not_cached function as private

Allow to send as well mail, when membership was rejected

Use quotes consistently around group/community names

Make sure to internationalize names

- fix bug in type checker method naturalnum. must export methid to include it in the blueprint.

- register method on nx::Slot such it can be used for object parameters and method parameters

quote label in ExtraMenuEntries to make sure, argument is interpreted correctly, even wen message key is substituted

Standardize spellings of names

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regenerated adp files

remove typo

Improve layout for checkbox-inline

Fix spellings

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Standardize spellings of names

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Fix spellings

Fix spelling errors

fix typo in error message

fix typo in variable name

Standardize spellings of names

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Standardize spellings of names

Standardize spellings