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- improve readability and indentation

- fix braces

- improve themeability

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ad_form: completed support for -export parameter. Now the same syntax used

for "vars" argument in export_vars proc can be used. In particular

one can specify :multiple, :array and :sign flags on variables.

This change required modification to template::widget::hidden: now, when

specifying both -value and -values flags, if -values is non-empty this will

have the precedence over -value, and this widget will me multiple.

- fix error on formums page (used has_submit 1, but this was not true)

- don't include <input> in <label>

- improve safety of passed arguments

- pass doc array instead of just title

- fix problem with bracing that shows up in context with evaluation package

- improve robustness for initial installs

- reset array "error" in case of initial install problems (array conflicts with scalar variable)

- update for js and flat list support

- avoid cyclical dependency

- add missing comma

- make clear that on /comments page are just the comments of the currently logged-in use

- fix url to view comment from admin page

- remove trailing .html from doc references (to allow e.g. .adp as well)

- remove .html from link to documentation

- fix bug on #of results in answer page (was number of items per page and not number of total results)

- make navbar themeable

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- handle "merged" user state on more places

- add missing handling for "merged" user state

- add message key

- reduce verbosity

- remove double <br>

- use 2third table style

- remove obsolete lines

- make top header h1

- fix sort-order, when version reaches e.g. 5.10

- add lable to multirow

- fix links

- new api call template::themed_template to obtain a template

optionally from the resource dir of a theme

- use call for themed apm package lists in acs-admin/tcl/apm-admin-procs.tcl

- improve parameter documentation and bump version number

- fix typo

- improve style-ability