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Place upgrade from insecure request after the optional canonical check

- new feature for future releases: UseCanonicalLocation

to force requests submitted to a alternate DNS entry to be

redirected to a canonical name. For more background, see:



- use ns_returnmoved (301) instead of ns_returnredirect (302)

for unwanted requests

- fix name/address check: one should not check for the hostname (or

its IP address), but the for DNS name of the configured driver and

its IP addresses. If a host has multiple IP addresses, there might

not be a nsd driver configured on the hostname of the machine.

- make documentation more precise

- provide cross references to similar commands

fix typo

free doc only, when it exists

Fixed typo in catalog file

Cover case when -base flag in export_vars contains query variables and no vars are exported. By hand this is silly, but could happen in the context of dynamic url generation when vars to export are not known in advance.

Missing message key in de_DE

Hide file-storage actions that are not allowed for the user. (receives analogous modifications on Learn@WU)

Use standard file-storage delete api, as extlink one seems to require extra sql stored procedures (which don't seem necessary to me)

As on Learn@WU, approve directly messages coming from admins, don't show messages about moderation when admins are posting

Replace innerHTML idiom with a more DOM compliant one, as IE would show undefined username otherwise.

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Fixed german message key

Updated de_DE translation (Dateisystem -> Dateiablage)

Updated es_ES message keys

Added missing message keys for en_US

add url in permission listings to point to the package url

remove hardcoded id

Don't abort script when people sends a message over a non-existing

chat, as this is required by the chat sweeper to happen.

Log errors when page cannot be found. Fix typo

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The dict returned from ns_parseurl does not always contain a "port" component

- fix broken call (ns_htmlencode must be ns_quotehtml)

- restrict input formats for date, such that underlying SQL functions are not overstressed.

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Use template::themed_template as well for .adp file served for the files in the www directory handled directly via the request processor

URL-encode folder path (util_current_directory) if used for an HTTP redirect (ad_returnredirect).

fix signature comparison for apm_callback_has_valid_args when nsf procs are used

Improve robustness of file operations against names starting with a "-"

tighten regexps for message keys

harden page contract

Improve robustness of "file delete" operations