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remove debug line

scoll down when done to ease interaction

add self-healing code to reduce number of error messages in error cases

fixed typo in comment

flush dirty editor buffer

try to re-init packages on apm-load to overcome problems with blueprint updates on AOLserver

Improve explaination

Fix typo

Point out why these two procs are not currently in use around

Don't show instances per default

One more attempt to come to a solution for updating the blueprint, that works for AOLserver as well

don't report hrefs to URLs, except to swas

Reduce number of URLs leading to a validation error (user-history with no user_id)

Bump version of ckeditor to 4.7.1

Don't make the code more complicatd than necessary

Updated spanish translation

Fix update of categories-portlet using www- prefix. Take the chance in this untriggered update to fix discrepancies in foreign key definition hitting xowiki installations born before 0.56

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Fixed translation typo

Updated spanish translation

Setting return_url as optional in perm-include, fixing an issue accessing from /admin/ and probably other places

Updated italian translation

Update italian translation

don't return "0" for [util::trim_leading_zeros ""]

add compatibility function for AOLserver for ns_md5

add "see also" references to parameter::get and "parameter::get_global_value"

Try to program around AOLserver problems: precompute url before producing new blueprint

Update blueprint of the server after successful loading of packages

Use termn "Subsite" consistently als in German (the term "Website" is as well allowed and established in German) and don't use the confusing termn "Unterseite".

beautify link

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fix HTML

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