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Fix constraint name

Provide more infrastructure support for host-node-maps for more flexible domain handling

- add optional -cookie_domain parameter to the following functions




auth::issue_login (wrapper for ad_user_login)

if not specified, the functions are full backward compatible

- add optional parameter -host_node_id to auth::authenticate

which refers to the node_id in the host-node-map

- pass host_node_id from from/to register pages


1) probably, sec_generate_session_id_cookie picks up the wrong

session_id via [ad_conn session_id]

2) check interaction with CookieDomain (probably, we need

must not pass host_node_id wheren CookieDomain is non-empty)

Update construct to reload a page, as previous one was not working properly at least on Chrome and Explorer

- add optional parameter host_node_id (for future use)

- Reflow overlong lines

- fix bug for obtaining logout_url on host-node mapped subsites

- factor out security::get_register_subsite to streamline behavior of ad_get_login_url and ad_get_logout_url

Improve UI for Hostnode map so it is feasible on sites with many nodes to show navigate the site structure

Modernize code (use ad_include_contract instead of manual checks)

Flush cache sntries, when host-node-map is updated

Fix typo

Check if we have already a folder with same name before inserting, or we get error in the logs.

Remove small duplication

prevent bots to generate errors with old buggy urls from their indices

never offer items with publish-status "production"; should be probably parameterized in the future

Fix typos

Fix typos

Fix typos

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Fix typos

security::driver: consider additionally nsssl_v4 nsssl_v6 as possible names

Don't report pretty link in export comments for items without a package_id, or export will come out corrupted.

(This is the case for global template objects as en:folder.form)

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Make sure that driver dict d is set in host-node-mapped cases (many thanks to stefan sobernig for pointin that out)

Remove sql duplication, converge oracle and postgres codebase

Prevent user from selecting source folder as destination folder when moving files. Localize feedback messages (thanks to Markus Moser for the germen translation)

- Refactor ad_get_login_url reduce replicated code and to make semantics clearer

- ad_get_login_url handles now as well cases, where a subsite is mapped to an application package on a subsite

- fix a bug in util_current_location in connection with hostnode map

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Fix typo in comment

provide default for email_verified_p

- Don't name valdation black and formal argument the same

make sure, the message key in the comment is shown correctly in API browser

- handle fetch via revision_id over perpared statement

- repated formfields: set repeat formfield empty if nothing is returned from form (man thanks to Thomas Renner for the patch)

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When the kernel parameter "NsShutdownWithNonZeroExitCode" is set (e.g. in the config file) and NaviServer is used, return with a non-zero exit code after ns_shutdown. This lets e.g. windows system to restart the service automatically (the sample config file for openacs in the naviserver archive is updated as an example)

Use per-thread caching instead of nsv for never-changing variable (use ::acs::database_type instead of nsv ad_database_type; when available)

This improves concurrency and performance for tight loops (e.g. in developer support)