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Remove link to viewvc since we'll use fisheyes only from now on

Updated documentation to reflect the implementation of symbolic URLs, and

some other features that had been implemented since the documentation was


Fixes Bug#3188 Fix query names in merge user callback for notifications. Also fixed in forums package

Allow for localization of tab names. Doesn't quite work the way we want

as the name is localized when displayed in the edit box (should look at

using ad_form but it's not simple ...)

More db-dependent stuff separated out.

Moved db-dependent queries to the right place.

More "extends" fixing

adding util_current_location_node_id, adding feature to ad_context_bar_multirow to automatically adapt when serving host_node_mapped urls

Error in alter table statement for oracle.

Bumped version number.

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Fixed bug (missing ";" before "end")

Implemented "pretty urls" for layout managed pages, i.e. urls based on page

name rather than "?pageset_id=xxx&page_id=yyy".

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Fixed the copying of inherited and descendent parameters for extending or

embedding packages.

Fix for bug 3153 to 'consider anonymous users' was wrong. rolling back.

Fix for bug 3153 to 'consider anonymous users' was wrong. rolling back.

Added a simple utility to transform a pretty name into a path snippet.

Admin page listed too many elements for includelets bound to the subsite

(true of "package-less" includelets which have their application set to

the package containin the includelet, rather than a base application like

news or forums)

changed registered_user magic to unregistered_vistor hopefully to prevent anonymous posts without permission

Don't quote URLs used in javascript

don't quote URLs used in javascript

Don't delete dom trees until returning otherwise subtree references will be deleted too and can not be used once the temporal one is deleted.

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add missing keys and spanish translations

- more portable and consistent content management for OrderedComposite->contains

Move previous after_upgrade callback that was in install:: namespace to the new apm:: one to avoid confusion

- removed "required" from parameters, which is in XOTcl 1 just a comment

- minor cleanup

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- added non positional parameter "type" to "get_parameter"

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- provide minimal xotcl2 compatibility

untabify and indent

update dependencies

untabify and indent

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