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Removed content-portlet, added layout-manager and content-includelet

Testing modules file

Added openacs-default-theme (will this mess up oacs-5-4 checkouts? I'll

check as we'll be releasing again, soon)

Another missing module - acs-tcl

Added acs-kernel and acs-content-repository to the modules list

fix in content-portlet alias

Removed notifications from various places since it is now in core.

Added notifications, tsearch2-driver and intermedia-driver to core

Adding alias for packages: dotlrn-content and content-portlet

Added imsld packages to dotlrn-extras as agreed during dotlrn meeting (5-jun-2007)

added alias for package tracker

Removed workflow and user-preferences, which aren't used by .LRN

Removed clipboard as only lors-central needed it, and we're removing it from

dotlrn-extras until it is rationalized/repaired/etc.

Removed "lors-central" from dotlrn-extras

Added theme-zen

Removed two unused packages from the dotlrn-all alias.

Added dynamic types

Updated the dotWRK package composition to reflect the changes in available and maintained packages

Added missing module to dotngo alias

Added dotngo alias

Added dotngo alias

removed acs-mail-lite from dotwrk and dotlrn-all since it is now included

in acs-core.

Adding modules: ajaxhelper and ajax-filestorage-ui

xotcl-all alias

Added xowiki as a module.

Exchange acs-mail with acs-mail-lite as per TIP 100

aliases for soap-gateway soap-db

adding alias for pkg:latest

Added new modules for Torben

added alias for packages cards, cards-portlet, dotlrn-cards