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Adding dotlrn-xowiki pkg as a module.

Changed the name of scorm-demo to scorm-simple-lms since this is the

direction in which the package is moving.

Adds ref-language to core

adds ref-countries to core

Added new scorm 2004 prototype packages

Added lorsm and news includelet alias

Added chat-includelet alias

Removed *imsld* from dotlrn-extras. It will reappear in a future release

after problems are fixed, hopefully.

alias for *eduwiki*

Oops misspelled my package name.

Added my object management work-in-progress as a module to simplify

checkout by MGH and UC3M.

karma to alvaror for planner and pages, and aliases

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Moved views from dotlrn-extras to dotlrn-all (approved at honchos for 2.5)

aliases for *learning-content* package

After all these years, noticed that acs-subsite was not part of the modules


Added layout-managed-subsite

Added acs-templating

Adding module for xowiki-portlet package.

New modules

Removed content-portlet, added layout-manager and content-includelet

Testing modules file

Added openacs-default-theme (will this mess up oacs-5-4 checkouts? I'll

check as we'll be releasing again, soon)

Another missing module - acs-tcl

Added acs-kernel and acs-content-repository to the modules list

fix in content-portlet alias

Removed notifications from various places since it is now in core.

Added notifications, tsearch2-driver and intermedia-driver to core

Adding alias for packages: dotlrn-content and content-portlet

Added imsld packages to dotlrn-extras as agreed during dotlrn meeting (5-jun-2007)

added alias for package tracker