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Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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fixing previous crawler commit

crawler fix: setting start_url_absolute to be the return value of do_request so that a trailing slash is added for directories. We need this to resolve relative URLs

bug fix in crawler

debugging the crawler and adding ability to exclude links

further work on the crawl_links proc, making it handle relative links correctly by adding the previous_url switch and forcing tclwebtest to use that as the base for relative urls

making crawler work and fixing some bugs related to that

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making the ::twt::crawl_links work much better than before

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Lars finished up the revamped version of the install scripts that generates AOLserver config file and run script dynamically

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adding testcase for the manage my memberships page

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starting work on testing the manage-memberships page, not finished yet

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Adding the customize layout page test. fixes and cleanup.

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replacing all field select (label based) invocations with ::twt::multiple_select_value calls, except in those cases where the label is locale independent

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changing user-procs.tcl to select options in select boxes based on value rather than label. This allows us to test in German locale

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adding acs-lang tests (loading all I18N messages and switching to German locale)

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making ::twt::do_request try 10 times before giving up if host is unreachable (I've experienced some socket connet problems recently

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updating README and TODO files. Bugfixing dotlrn-basic-setup

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adding a simple forums posting test. Restructuring procs a little

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