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- fix typo in HTML text

- distinguish in apm_package_selection_widget between operations (updates/installs/or both)

- Add a redirector for outdated releases

- add forward compatibility of API for oacs-5-9

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- add list filter for installs vs. upgrades

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- remove obsolete lines

- make top header h1

- fix sort-order, when version reaches e.g. 5.10

- add lable to multirow

- new api call template::themed_template to obtain a template

optionally from the resource dir of a theme

- use call for themed apm package lists in acs-admin/tcl/apm-admin-procs.tcl

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- update head channel

HEAD now defaults to version 5.10.

- improve validity and security of HTML of admin pages

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- reduce verbosity

- fix typo

- acs-admin/www/apm/packages-install:

* don't html-quote in error.log

- acs-admin/www/apm/packages-install-2:

* handle additional install packages

- apm-packages-install-4

* scroll auotmatically to the end

* load install.xml if present

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- cleanup of acs-admin/apm/packages-install

- use usual OpenACS styles instead of self-cooked solution

- finish cleanup of install vs. finished started by lars ages ago

- improve HTML (quote attributes)

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- make naming of xom-attributes of info files more regular (use "." for separator for xml-attributes)

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- white space changes (follow coding guidelines more closely)

- fix documentaiton bugs

- add license to the manifest

- The C-library function tmpnam() is deprecated since a while. Therefore naviserver has deprecated ns_tmpnam as well.

Therefore we introduce a new function "ad_tmpnam" which requires just a minimal change and uses ns_mktemp.

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- use $::acs::rootdir rather than [acs_root_dir] or [get_server_root]

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- flatten nested "lindex" structures

- use numeric comparison operator for truth value comparisons

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- no need to write ad_quoted to error.log

- remove temp files from apm generator

- mark apm_header as deprecated since it depends on deprecated calls

- remove broken and obsolete file

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- commit fixed and pimped apm-builder which is at use at openacs.org

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change all core proc_doc calls to ad_proc calls

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Merged the 5.3 branch with HEAD. Look for tags with the pattern


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fixing code leading to a broken repository/5-3/manifest due to overlong command line in tar command. The new version uses the "--files-from filename" option from GNU tar (this code is most probably only run on openacs.org)