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fixing upgrade bug related to .ctl (ctl_file) files. First of all, don't offer ctl files when upgrading (ok, we should make this possible if we need it). Second of all, use the ctl file selections the user actually made when choosing files to source (in proc apm_package_install_data_model)

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bug 335 - making sure it's possible to install from .apm files again. The UI needs improvement. Robustness could also be improved. May need to handle the case when there is a later version of a package in the packages directory than in the apm_workspace dir

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Added code to allow loading of data for packages like ref-timezones with

SQL*Loader or PostgreSQL's COPY command.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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Upgrade to 4.6.2: The infamous APM changes, workflow, bug-tracker, etc.

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Changed the file manage page of the APM to reflect that file paths are no longer in the database. The page now just serves the purpose of showing the file types that the APM thinks your files are and watching files. Making paths to sql files and catalog files be fetched directly from the filesystem. Offering to mount applications under /package_key upon install for convenience. Making sure the package-delete page works by unmounting and uninstantiating packages with the Tcl API (to trigger callbacks) before uninstall. Adding ability to watch all files in a package. Minor update of I18N instructions

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making sure message catalog files are loaded during package installation and package upgrade

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Peter Marklund: setting the sql_file_paths session property with a clob instead of a varchar (we have so darn many packages these days...)

removed .tcl extension from redirects

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Big 'ole update to implement multi-db aware packages. Don't try this yet,

I can't *possibly* have gotten all the right files added and removed in

one fell swoop!

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OpenACS 4.x

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Initial revision

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