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Remove leftover xql files

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Simplify code: set defaults for proc parameters, which are de facto optional, avoiding unnecesary existence checks.

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Fix regression when checking member state

removing uncalled pages based on non-existing tables and on deprecated calls

Exploit cached api to simplify and remove queries. Note that user attributes this page manipulates won't come from the cache to avoid nasty side effects. Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

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Exploit cached api

Reduce divergencies between oracle and postgres codebase... this file was for some reason deleted in 2001, but sql in it is portable

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Remove (again) this almost 20 years old program

Remove unneded xql

Use more API when retrieving user info

Use more API

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Rework adp boolean expressions

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Prefer literal in adp axpressions + Whitespace changes

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improve documentation

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remove conditions, which are always true

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strengthen page contracts

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Use consistently ad_script_abort after ad_return_error.

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add ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect to make termination intent explicit

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add ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect to make termination intent explicit

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User ad_try instead of "with*"

Get rid of obsolete query (portable version in generic xql already)

Reduce divergence between postgres and oracle codebase

Bug fix: avoid confusion between command argument and option, when argument starts with "-"

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Replace /acs-admin/users/one links with acs_community_member_admin_url

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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provide default for email_verified_p

- Don't name valdation black and formal argument the same

Support internationalization via [group::get_member_state_pretty] and

other related messages concerning state changes.

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Centralize message handling for member_state management in group::get_member_state_pretty. More can be done, i18n needs to be added as well (required to having a more generalized handling of memberships in acs-admin and acs-subsite/www/members

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Make sure, return_url for complex-user-search works as well for other contexts