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make clear, that just portrait_title is used

pull out 2 queries from .xql to tcl improve readability

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acs_user::get will not fail anymore with non-existing user

User ad_try instead of "with*"

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Fix spelling errors

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- when deleting a user permanently (in case this is possible), redirect to the main /users page, since a redirect to the page of the deleted user does not make sense)

- prefer sql statements between curly braces

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.xql-file reform of acs-admin

- remove sql statements from the code, where these are provided via .xql

- prefer empty sql statements over various forms of *SQL*

- remove obsolete Oracle queries







- remove obsolete .xql files (containing only unused query names)




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- provide more security for granting/revoking swa permissions (use timeouts and configurable secrets)

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- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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Merging back to HEAD branch oacs-5-8 (using tag vg-merge-oacs-5-8-from-20141027).

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- check ids in page contracts

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- move ad_user_class_query and ad_user_class_query_count_only from

packages/acs-tcl/tcl/admin-procs.{tcl,xql} to acs-outdated/tcl/

since these functions are non-functional (based on non-existing


- move related code from acs-admin/www/users/one.{tcl,xql} to acs-outdated/www/

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- replace deprecated "export_url_vars" by "export_vars -url"

- fix bracing in "export_vars -form"

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add option to delete users from the admin pages (acs-admin/users/one)

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Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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commit to HEAD of merge of changes on oacs-5-1 branch between tags jcd-merge-5-1-20040724 and jcd-merge-5-1-20050111

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Added the changing of the password for the admin from .LRN to OpenACS

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- Cleaned up page

- Added page to reset a password, since our new framework generally doesn't allow users to change passwords without knowing the current password

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Use new inclueable template for displaying and editing user information

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Prevent users from changing state for themselves, thus shutting themselves out of the system

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Added username to user page

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- Merge "Warn if site-wide admin" fix to HEAD.

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- Warn the user if the requested user is a site-wide admin, to prevent

the user from being banned/deleted.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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fix hardcoded security_context_root of 0

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Merge of all changes from oacs-4-6 to HEAD. All changes up to tag jcd-merge-2

on oacs-4-6 are included.

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one.xql query user_infox should have been user_info which broke oracle bug 135/patch 43 Brad Duell

add search by IP in complex-search, add source IP, homepage, link to public page to one.tcl,adp

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