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Update italian localization

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Localize long URL errors and bump version number

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get detailed information about a person via person::get_person_info

fix broken message key

improve error message

Fixed broken auth::password::email_password

added missing changes due to API refactoring

improve comments

whitespace changes

prefer dict over Tcl array

reduce redundant lookups in auth::check_local_account_status

improve spelling

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fix typo

make it possible to run auth::authority::create in the background

use simple query as local query to make purpose more evident

bump version number to 5.10.0d3

pass authority_id to acs_user::get_by_username

auth::create_user: add parameter authority_id to enable creation of users in arbitrary authorities

Whitespace changes

Fix uncomplete test description and simplify single -procs line.

improve spelling

- adjust to changed results of ns_cache_stats

- add comments and warnings

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use public interface instead of private one

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Provide an ad_include_contract for the page (fixes files__page_contracts)

Ehm.. revert previous commit: search would use service contract to get the search form, so we should no assume local-search to be used...

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Removal of obsolete user search includes


- no mention to these pages anywhere in upstream packages

- local-search fails files__page_contracts automated test

- weird code in local-search (where is authority_id used to filter users?...)

- acs-admin/users/complex-search is a working replacement and duplicates their intended features

- as for TIP#125, in case complex-search was not reusable, probably a minor rework would do

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Trim whitespaces

Indentation change

Harmonize parameter names in proc documentation removing unexistent ones

handle authorizations with no auth_sync_process defined without raising an error in the error.log

Remove ns_parseurl from list of tested procs, as not being a openacs proc will trigger an error at load time

Test also the portrait api (exploit the fact that we are already creating bogus users), move helper procs to the beginning so they can be found by the testing machinery

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