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- remove obsolete functions

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Bring PostgreSQL functions closer to the current level of PL/pgSQL:

- upgrade PL/pgSQL functions to the $$ notation (recommended since pg8.0, jan 2005).

- get rid of backslash usages in function definitions

- drop aliases in favor of named function arguments (recommended since pg8.0)

- fix wrong function_args, add missing function_args, align default semantics

with the defaults in pg (providing "null" as default means the argument is


- change return types of triggers from "opaque" to "trigger" (recommended since pg8.0)

- unify names of triggers *_tr

- removed some version dependencies of pg 7.2 and 7.3

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Eliminated acs_privilege_hierarchy_index in favor of using acs_privilege_descendant_map. In addition, rewrote trigger for creating acs_privilege_descendant_map as permissions creation was getting too slow on .LRN. .LRN has somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 entries in the privilege hierarchy, which is much higher than anticipated.

Added code to make use of David Walker's wonderfully abusive hack on the

pg_proc table that showed me how to write recursive SQL functions. We now

have good use of the index on tree_sortkey when climbing the tree, woo-hoo!

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Changed the representation of tree_sortkeys from "text" to "bit varying".

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added comments for default parameters

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partial work on content-test

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added tree queries

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more cleanup, added lob support for cr_revisions

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general cleanup of initial porting effort

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initial port to postgresql

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