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added list wrapper to caching example

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
added advanced tutorial notes on caching and on scheduled procs

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
added tutorial section on css layout

  1. … 84 more files in changeset.
fix a missing /sect1 in tutorial-advanced and shuffle around and bring up to date the package file details. Mention callbacks in the package creation list

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Took out an extra line that wasn't used by the acs_mail_lite section.

Added a section on sending HTML email from acs-mail-lite.

clean up xml so the docs (more or less) validate

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replaced service0 with bash var

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The categories section was duplicated twice, with the second one not coming through correctly because there was not an id= tag for it. I took out the second one. I think that's the correct one to take out. Also, the section on hierarchical queries did not have an id attribute, so I added it in.

Changed the position of the link for the docbook tags

backported typo fixes from 5.1

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rebuild docs for 5.1 rc1

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merge docbook docs from HEAD to oacs-5-1 branch

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Restoring my addition on profiling your code that was also somehow

left out in the oacs-5-0 -> HEAD transition.

Recommitting tutorial on tree_sortkey that was somehow removed in the

transition to HEAD.

Added a paragraph which explains another potential problem when you

create .vuh files, and how to get around it by constructing your URLs

with ad_conn package_url

Added in a better drop script (from blogger's actual drop

script). Also added in a description of how to set up per-item


Added in a drop script for the notifications section. It is untested.

merge of all changes on oacs-5-0 branch between tag openacs-5-0-0-final and jcd-merge-pre503 (except those in lars-blogger).

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Added in more explanation about how to do hierarchical queries with Oracle.

added lots of pictures to the admin guide; rearranged production and maintenance chapters and files

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Changed ad_permission_p to permission::require_permission

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promoted tutorial-advanced one section, which makes all of its pieces be their own html pages; added section on vuh

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cleaned up indexing bugs from docbook

  1. … 117 more files in changeset.
Jeff suggested taking out magic numbers from tree_sortkey tutorial,

and explained how to best find the tree_level with tree_sortkey. I put

this into the docs.

Added in an explanation of how to get the children of a particular item while

using tree_sortkey

Added in a tutorial section for using tree_sortkeys

Using the @cvs-id $Id$ trick to prevent expansion.

A trivial change just to try the cvs diffs. Sorry for the spam.

Becoming compliant with Timo's switch rename