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Rename constraints to follow coding standards (fixes automated test datamodel__named_constraints)

Renaming constraints on Postgres without dropping/rebuilding requires version >= 9.2

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Trim whitespace

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add forgotton fields related_link_url, related_link_text, redirect_to_rel_link_p to acs_event.new() and friends.

These files are part of the datamodel since many years, but someone forgot to adapt DB API for it.

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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fix type reference for oracle

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Add field "location" to acs_events: an event has now a place and a time.

This is a prerequisite for adding a "location" to the calendar.

- add location to acs_attributes

- recreate views "acs_events_dates" and "acs_events_activities"

to return location

- extend "acs_event__new()" (pg) and "acs_event.new()" (ora)

to accept location

- let handle "acs_event.new_instance()" the location attribute

- bump version number to 0.6.2d1

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Merged changes to HEAD ...

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Fixed typo in daveb's change

Make sure "this event" is updated when editing a reucrrence and applying

to this event and all future events

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All editing only future events of a recurrence

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fix pacakge -> package typo

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propigate package_id to acs_objects, make __new a 14 param function and add backwards compatible version, bump package version, upgrades for oracle and pg, oracle untested

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Remerge Timo's changes for tip 42,43, cf tip 53

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rollback of Timo's name, package_id commit; see TIP 53

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TIP#42,43: adding package_id and title to acs_objects table

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Oracle9i porting changes

- Changed procedure names from delete to del

- Changed view declaration to use actual column names

- Changed "rel_constraints_violated_one" and "rel_constraints_violated_two"


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added support for editing time intervals

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Added some stuff to acs-events, like an html_p arg to "new" to set this

existing but unused table column.

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1. Added session-update.tcl, a small utility which somewhat safely allows

you to put up a link that changes a session_property, for instance to

change the number of items displayed or that sort of thing. The caller

must sign their values and URL, which are verified by the callee via

ad_page_contract. If the referrer doesn't match the signed expected

referrer, you get bounced. I think this is reasonably secure (though

permissions should always be rigorously checked on all pages, of course)

2. acs_events had an html_p flag in the datamodel but no way to set it.

Fixed. It should really be a mime-type but since it's not using the

CR, and since I'm extremely busy with other stuff, I didn't fix it.

3. While doing #1 above I learned that signing and verifying arrays didn't

quite work. Fixed.

4. Found and fixed a small problem with my earlier work on the currency widget.

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Initial revision, moved to correct subdirectory

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