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add forgotton fields related_link_url, related_link_text, redirect_to_rel_link_p to acs_event.new() and friends.

These files are part of the datamodel since many years, but someone forgot to adapt DB API for it.

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fix type reference for oracle

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Add field "location" to acs_events: an event has now a place and a time.

This is a prerequisite for adding a "location" to the calendar.

- add location to acs_attributes

- recreate views "acs_events_dates" and "acs_events_activities"

to return location

- extend "acs_event__new()" (pg) and "acs_event.new()" (ora)

to accept location

- let handle "acs_event.new_instance()" the location attribute

- bump version number to 0.6.2d1

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