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acs-install.sql doesn't need to instantiate acs-kernel as this is done during install of that package (since it's a singleton)

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moving instantiation and mounting of all core packages (acs-lang, acs-admin, api-doc etc.) except acs-kernel and main site (retained because they are needed during install) from the acs-install.sql file to the Tcl proc apm_mount_core_packages that is invoked on first startup. Note that this unfortunately means that callbacks will not be invoked for the main site node and for the acs-kernel instance.

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Merged in changes to make acs-workflow not part of initial install from HEAD to 4.6 branch

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Removed acs-workflow from acs-install.sql script

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adding missing comma

setting context_id of acs-lang to be the main site id

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Make /acs-lang accessible to the public, since this is where they go set their language pref

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Peter: creating an instance of acs-lang and mounting it under the main site at server creation (along with acs-admin et al)

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mount cr for virtual url refs in oracle

Mounted acs-workflow by default. It is confusing not to do so because

it is listed as a core package that "probably isn't meant to be mounted"

by site map, and yet it is designed to be mounted. I think that all

core packages designed to be mounted should be mounted at install time

but haven't gone through to make sure we're consistent.

acs-workflow has to be part of the core because the CR needs it.

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bootstrapper can now load either the Oracle or PostgreSQL acs-kernel

datamodel. It checks on-the-fly for which db is configured in the OpenNSD

database pools allocated to OpenACS. Only acs-kernel is correctly self-

configured at this point.

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