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More mucking around with the denormalized party_approved_member_map ...

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delete direct permissions in acs_object__delete (oracle and postgres) upgrade provided, bug 234 patch 74 Tilmann Singer

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1. Fixed a couple of typos in file storage

2. New fast permissions stuff (PG only thus far)

2. While poking around CMS code looking for things that needed recreating

due to the permissions upgrade, changed over to "create or replace function"

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merge bartt PG 7.3 fixes from HEAD

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Patches to make OpenACS PG 7.3 compatible.

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fixed a query that used select instead of perform

postgres does not like a certain flavor of table aliases

adding variation on function

forgot to pass last_modified in recursive call

created acs_object.update_last_modified procedure that takes in an object_id

and an optional timestamp and sets the last_modified time of the object and

all of it's parents (not including object 0) to the last_modified time passed

in or sysdate if none was passed in.

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Merged with OpenACS 4.5 beta1 branch.

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1. Community core change was due to an earlier patch that allows a person

to register as a user.

2. Deleting an acs-object would fail if the object specific table didn't exist.

acs-objects and the content repository shouldn't require type specific tables

be named when you extend a type, this is a temporary hack which acknowledges

that folks have been cheating by name non-existent tables. Since I plan to

remove the restriction anyway, this is not a big deal.

The Oracle version still needs testing ...

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fixed an efficiency issue in removing objects

Added code to make use of David Walker's wonderfully abusive hack on the

pg_proc table that showed me how to write recursive SQL functions. We now

have good use of the index on tree_sortkey when climbing the tree, woo-hoo!

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.

Changed the representation of tree_sortkeys from "text" to "bit varying".

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made /pvt/home configurable

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1. Replaced more "tree_sortkey like" with "tree_sortkey between" expressions

2. Fixed a bad port of an Oracle query in site-nodes-procs.tcl and removed

a needless outer join from both versions in the process.

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added acs_object__new which takes security_inherit_p as an arguement. Needed for static pages

Install acs-service-contract ...

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fixed acs_objects__get_attribute so that it works with all return types. Problems were encountered with returning integer and timestamp types

fixed return type of acs_object__get_attribute so that timestamps can be returned

1. Ripped out the '' vs. NULL string kludge, which was a stupid idea in the

first place (MY stupid idea, for the record).

2. More .xql file porting...

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more strict string handling changes

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added comments for default api values

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more cleanup of nullable strings in kernel

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fixed acs_object tree trigger

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more debugging of test script

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finished porting test-harness code

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fixed a couple of dynamic sql statements

fixed exception messages, membership_rels delete trigger and composition_rels delete trigger

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