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fix more typos

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make sure to log errors in the error.log

scalability improvement: keep result of lc_time_fmt_compile in (lock-free) per-thread cache rather than in the util_memoize cache

Reduce stress on util_memoize_cache by removing the - by far - most often reused

item in the cache (apm_package_installed_p_not_cached ref-timezones). Instead,

we fall back to the (per-thread) caching of apm_package_id_from_key.

Fix extra parenthesys

whitespace cleanup

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Use "ad_try" instead of "with_catch"

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Reduce divergence between postgres and oracle codebase

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Reduce divergence between oracle and postgres codebase

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Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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make sure, the message key in the comment is shown correctly in API browser

- fixing regexp for message key in group::new

- Introducing lang::util::message_key_regexp to avoid similar confusions in the future

- bump verison number of acs-lang to 5.9.1b4

- bump version number of acs-subsite to 5.9.1b5

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Fix spelling errors

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Fix spelling errors

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Improve robustness of "file delete" operations

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Get rid of strange construct: [lindex [array get $array $name] 1]

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- use util::trim_leading_zeros instead of private function

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add function "lc_trim_leading_zeros" to acs-lang localization procs, since date-time procs are not acs-core, such that the function defined there cannot be used in the core

Fix date computation: year of date 07072017 was treated as an octal number. (Example [lc_time_fmt 0708-08-17 %Q])

Remove unneeded test and improve documentation

Some more Tcl cleanup

- use curly brackes to enable byte code compilation

- don't use "[expr ...]" when not needed

- prefer "incr i -1" over "set i [expr {$i - 1}] "

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- add nonces to script tags

- add body handlers

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- use for hex codes 2-digit notation \xHH to make it compatible for tcl8.6

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- fix spelling of variable name

- Make parsing of "Accept-Language" header fields more robust:

ignore spaces after the comma, ignore wildcard value "*"

- Accept locales as syntactically correct when these contain numeric values (such as e.g. "es_419" for “Latin American Spanish”).

Since lang::conn::valid_locale_p is used in lang::conn::get_accept_language_header, OpenACS throws exceptions

on invalid locales, these caused problem even when these are low on the preference list of the Accept-Language header field.

- allow empty locale cookie

- return the invalid cookie in the error

- add validator for locale (useful, when headers or locale-cookie were hacked)